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Brazilian steak, sign-up sheet at ops

by Ron Blanchett last modified 2007-04-03 18:50

This year, at Penguicon, we are experimenting with food a bit more than last year.

In that Vein, Eduardo Cesconetto has offered to grill for us Brazilian
Steak, which all indications point to being one of the finest meat
available. We will be placing a sign up sheet at Op's, to buy into the
experience, in 1/2 lb portions, for $3.00 each. The signup sheet will allow
selection of Saturday 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 PM serving times, and whether extra
rare, rare medium rare, medium, or medium well.

Eduardo says:
"I can get the top sirloin in 12 to 15 pound chunks, it seems to me that 1/2
pound per stake is quite acceptable at between $2.50 and $3,00, but we can
sell more then 1 ticket per person, and still cap the total sold to about
50-80 tickets. I have no problem spending a few hours (3-5) cooking, but
not much more then that. I do use natural charcoal, which is available at
GFS, and I get the meat from Sam's Club, other then that, the only things I
need are: a grill or two, cutting board,a good knife, Morton's Rock Salt
(available at Meijer) or any Brazilian rock salt and old newspaper to start
the fire."

And from Matt Arnold:
"Today at lunch Eduardo told me about how he cooks beef over charcoals for
the annual GLLUG meeting and it is difficult for the GLLUG guys to eat meat
in any other form ever again. My other co-workers are telling me they have
never tasted beef that good.

The Brazilian way is to cook beef on a skewer surrounded by rocks of pure
rock salt. The salt melts as a coating on the meat and seals in the flavor
of meat. But it does not overly salt the food"

The sign-up sheet for Brazilian steak will be available in ops all day Friday.

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